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The Dairy and Soy Free Plan is a meal plan specifically for breastfeeding moms who are on a dairy and soy free diet, whether it be due to a food allergy/food sensitivity or personal preference! 


All recipes are super nutritious and lactation friendly with lactation superfoods such as oats, nuts/seeds, salmon and eggs. The meals are easy to prepare and feature many recipes which you can batch cook or prep ahead of time! They are tested and delicious! 


What's included in this meal plan?
* 2 complete weeks (14 days) of meal plans, including recipes for all meals and snacks

* Shopping List for each week

* Nutrient analysis

* 100% dairy and soy free! 

* and a few more extras!

* instantly accessible in the form of a pdf document!

The Dairy and Soy Free Plan

  • pdf file (instant access, printable)

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