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Want to lose weight while breastfeeding, without losing your milk supply? The Weight Loss Plan will help you stay within a safe calorie range and supply you with all the nutrients you need for a healthy milk and safe weight loss. It incorporates lactation superfoods, such as oats, ginger, turmeric, salmon and barley, all in one easy-to-follow and delicious plan!  The meals are easy to prepare, with many 5-Minute, One Pan, and meal prep meals. 


What's included in this meal plan?
* 2 complete weeks (14 days) of meal plans, including recipes for all meals and snacks

* Shopping List for each week

* Nutrient analysis

* and a few more extras!

* instantly accessible in the form of a printable pdf document!

The Weight Loss Plan - Lose Weight Without Losing Your Milk Supply!

  • pdf file (instant access, printable)

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