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Lactation Pancakes / Pancake Bites

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I get this question a lot: What can I eat to increase my milk supply?

The answer is simple: Eat food. Nutritious food.

Think about it: Your breast milk contains nutrients - Vitamins, Minerals, healthy fats, protein, carbohydrates.... that stuff has to come from somewhere - our food!

But hold on: If I eat 'more food', I'm just gonna gain weight - not make more milk!

True. The science behind how breast milk is made is highly complex - and the mechanisms through which some foods in particular may increase milk supply is not fully understood. No, simply eating 'more' food isn't going to increase milk supply, but eating the right kinds of food may!

Many moms report success in increasing milk supply with oatmeal and brewer's yeast, both good sources of iron and other minerals, as well as B Vitamins. Does it really work? I'm currently reviewing the evidence on this in my new blog post series Review of Natural Galactagogues!

I also included flaxseed meal in this recipe because it is LOADED with important minerals, fiber and, best of all, healthy omega-3 fatty acids for your baby's brain development! It is also an excellent binder. In fact, you could probably leave the egg out if you are vegan or your baby has an egg sensitivity. Just add more flaxseed meal to make sure your pancakes won't break apart.

Ladies, these pancakes are a powerhouse of nutrition for you and your baby's milk. Try them this weekend and share this recipe with fellow breastfeeding moms!

Lactation Pancakes recipe
Lactation Pancakes recipe

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