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Overnight Oats: A Quick and Easy Breakfast for Busy Moms

Updated: Mar 3, 2019


I know your mornings are busy. I know the last time you sat down to eat a wholesome, home made breakfast probably don't even remember when that was.

Mom Life is busy (and that's an understatement). You make sure your kids are fed, clean, dressed, entertained and taken care of. And you? Well, you get whatever is left over. Your breakfast consists of whatever is quick to grab and doesn't make a mess in the kitchen (because god knows there are enough messes to clean up already!).

Mama, this is me most mornings!

But not the mornings I remembered to fix Overnight Oats the night before!

These babies are time savers, mess savers, nutrition savers - lactation savers, if you will! They start you out on the right foot (a healthy, home made and nutritious breakfast - without having to lift a finger in the morning? That's a win!) They give you energy and keep you full and satisfied for at least a few hours.

Best of all, they have oatmeal and a few other lactation goodies in them to help sustain your breast milk production and share these healthy nutrients with your baby!

As long as your mason jars are ready to go and you have all of the necessary ingredients in the house: These will take just a few minutes to throw together, then forget about them 'til the next morning.

When you get up the next day, they're ready to go. The oats will have softened and the flavors will have come together, making these Overnight Oats a delight! (& healthy at the same time!)

I make the Apple Pie Overnight Oats most often (because for some reason, there's always a half eaten apple lying around somewhere that needs to be used up), but I've also come to love the Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats combination and Banana Nut anything is always a win. And because it's fall right now, a Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats recipe is a must!

Give them all a try and tell me which one's your favorite!

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