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Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Last month, I posted my first Lactation Cookie recipe and trust me, you're gonna wanna make these cookies - breastfeeding or not - because they are divine. They are super good and definitely satisfy that cookie craving.

They come with oatmeal (oatmeal as a galactagogue is discussed here) and seeds (which deliver healthy fats, among other nutrients, which transfer into breast milk). I also explained in this post why I do NOT use brewer's yeast in my baking recipes, even for a 'lactation' recipe.

However, some of you may be breastfeeding on a dairy free diet or avoid dairy for other reasons. For you ladies, I got back into my test kitchen and altered the recipe to make these Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies!

It was actually quite simple, I just swapped the butter for dairy-free margarine and made sure I added dairy free chocolate chips! The rest of the ingredients are dairy free on their own.

I want to caution you on the Margarine: Make sure you read the label carefully, since not all margarines are actually dairy free (some are just 'mostly' vegetable oil based but still contain milk or whey at least in trace amounts) and many are soy based, which is the second most common food sensitivity in breastfed babies, after dairy. I used Earth Balance Organic Soy Free Spread which is vegan and tastes really good and butter-y! It's made with palm, canola, safflower, flax and olive oil and therefore delivers essential ALA Omega-3's (yay!).

Dairy free Chocolate chips are hard to find, but Enjoy Life makes dairy (and soy) free chocolate chips which are pretty good. However, I found these Simply Delicious by Nestle Toll House chocolate chips at Target the other day and they taste much much better! If you don't have a Target nearby or you live in another country, you just have to make sure to read the labels very carefully or just leave the chocolate chips out and replace them with cranberries or nuts!

FYI, I just want to mention NONE of these links are affiliate links so I am not in any way compensated for posting them.

Anyway, look at how they turned out:

As the recipe explains, I made these into a 'log' which I stored in the refrigerator overnight. Afterwards, you can just slice up the log and bake them! Make extra because you can also freeze these slices so you have ready-to-bake cookies for next time!

Anyway, enjoy these completely dairy (& soy) free Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies! You deserve a treat, mama!

FYI, In order to sustain my blog, I offer a few products on my website, such as this guide "Breastfeeding a Baby with Dairy Sensitivity" - an evidence-based, easy-to-understand and complete guide for breastfeeding moms with dairy (and soy) sensitive babies. I appreciate every download and share!

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